Token sale information
Everything you need to know about the CryptoPolice token sale

Tokensale roadmap

  • LIVE
    Till closed
    Whitelisting for upcoming Closed Pre-Sale with 20% bonus
    Whitelisters benefits:
    1) Get the opportunity to join the Closed Pre-Sale with 20% bonus
    2) Get bonuses from the purchase through your referrals
    3) Receive exclusive information available to those who are whitelisted
    join whitelist
  • LIVE
    Till closed
    Private sale (33% bonus)

    If you like to apply for the private sale of OFCR tokens please send us an motivation letter
    to Share information about your interest in CryptoPolice

    Private sale benefits:
    1) Only limited number of tokens are available for 0.045$/OFCR
    2) Minimal purchase : 10 ETH
    3) Be the first owner of the OfficerCoin
    send e-mail
  • 25.09.201825th of September
    25th of September
    Closed PRE-SALE (20% bonus)

    Just those who are in Whitelist will be allowed to participate
    in CLOSED PRE-SALE with special token price for 0,05$ / OFCR
    Minimal purchase: 0,5 ETH

    only for
  • TBA To be announced
    Quarter 3
    Public PRE-SALE (10% bonus)

    Price for 0,055$ / OFCR
    Minimal purchase: 0,25 ETH

  • TBA To be announced
    Quarter 3
    Public Token sale

    Price for 0,06$ / OFCR
    Minimal purchase: 0,25 ETH

  • TBA To be announced
    Quarter 4
    listing to exchange

    Two weeks after token sale tokens will be listed on exchange.

token sale geography: Everywhere except USA, North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Guyana, Iraq, Lao pdr, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Iran
we will accept ethereum and bitcoin for the token sale
Token price is fixed in USD. Ethereum and Bitcoin price will be updated 4 times per day

Tokensale details

  • Token name OfficerCoin
  • Symbol OFCR
  • Total tokens 1,000,000,000 OFCR
  • Platform Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Type Utility Type Token
  • Transfarable Yes. After token sale
  • Adjustable Yes. All unsold tokens will be burned
  • Minimum goal 500,000 USD
team, partners and platform rewards tokens will be locked in a smart contract with slow release over 2 years

Tokensale Goals

all unsold tokens will be burned